The Nearly Departed

Book II of the Jeri Halston Series

Two months after being ripped from her life and “recruited” into the shadow agency inspired by her deceased father’s prophetic writings on the corporate state, Jeri Halston’s initial training is over. But as she sets out to complete her final training task – the recruitment of three more of the world’s most brilliant scientists – it becomes clear that the agency’s own motives might be just as lethal and deceptive as the corporate powers they’re out to destroy.

Book II in the Jeri Halston Series weaves yet another smart, fast-paced series of storylines set across a global stage. Combining rich characters, contemporary global issues, and real-world science, The Nearly Departed blurs the line between thrilling fiction and horrifying reality.

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Ice Man Cometh

Book I of the Jeri Halston Series

Jeri Halston should be working on Wall Street, not in a forgotten old bar in Flagstaff. But for reasons she keeps to herself, the brilliant twenty-six-year-old prefers bartending at Joe’s Last Stand Saloon to climbing the corporate ladder. When Jeri starts receiving letters from an anonymous admirer, she’s intrigued by their exotic postmarks and her writer’s cryptic rants. Even more intriguing are the included photos of her admirer, none ever revealing his full identity. Posted in the saloon for all to see, the letters remain a harmless mystery – until a zealous Homeland Security agent stumbles upon a link between the letters’ places of origin and the untimely deaths of several top energy scientists around the world.

As the letters grow more personal, Jeri soon realizes that her anonymous pen pal intends to drag her into something far more dangerous than a friendship. And there’s no marking “Return to Sender” on this nightmare.

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Reviews for Ice Man Cometh

“Ice Man Cometh is a fiendishly tricky thriller with a brain and a sense of humor.”

-Kirkus Reviews

“Fans of Timothy Hallinan’s Poke Rafferty series will savor Wente’s mix of international flavor, crisp dialogue, and laugh-out-loud wit.”